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Rosh HaAyin

General Information:

The site is a residential neighborhood under construction in Rosh HaAyin.

Coordinates: 32.082683, 34.974915.



Waze: Locked northern gate – 30 Golda Meir Street, Rosh HaAyin.

Eastern gate – 29 Haim Herzog Street, Rosh HaAyin.

When coming from Tel Aviv via the Ayalon Highway, exit onto Highway 5 and continue for approx. 15 km to exit at the Rosh HaAyin East Interchange. Turn right towards Ben-Gurion Boulevard. On Ben-Gurion Boulevard, take a right at the second traffic circle, continue straight through two more traffic circles, and arrive at the site entrance.

Entrance to the site is by turning left at the traffic circle and then passing through an iron gate in the fence that can only be opened by Research Center personnel and in their presence.


The entire site is bounded by a fence that prevents the entry of vehicles (except two-wheeled vehicles).

South – A fence, followed by a road.

North – A fence, followed by a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood.

East – A fence, followed by a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood.

West – End of the road and a dirt embankment, followed by a fence.

מצפןSite Description:

The road has lane markings and many parking spaces / parking bays, as well as various intersections and crossings.

It is necessary to clean the road with a sweeper in order to perform certain dynamic studies.

The site is a central road, one kilometer in length, running from east to west (hereinafter referred to as the “central” route).

There are parking bays and spaces on both sides of the road.

The central route is divided into three axes, running from north to south.

The western axis (“axis 1”) is a two-lane road without separation, 224 m in length.

The second axis crossing the central route (“axis 2”) is a two-lane road with no separation, except at an intersection, and is 285 m in length.

The eastern axis (“axis 3”) is a two-lane road with no separation, except at an intersection, and is 186 m in length.

In addition, there are two roads that run parallel to the central axis and are positioned to the south of it. These will be referred to as “the southern axes.”

The southwestern axis is a two-lane road with no separation, except at intersections, and is 436 m in length.

The southeastern axis is a curved two-lane road with no separation and is 186 m in length. It should be noted that this axis has issues with cellular reception and is therefore not recommended for studies that require communication.

There is an additional road that runs parallel to the central axis and is positioned to the north of it (“the northern axis”). It is a one-way road, 392 m in length.

In addition to entry via the traffic circle, there are three additional entrances: (1) via the road adjacent to the school under construction, which is mostly blocked, (2) an entrance gate on the western side, (3) entrance from the north side of axis 1.

On research days, one entrance gate must be defined and all others must be locked.

Please note that it is currently easy for pedestrians to enter the site on a daily basis for hiking and sports purposes. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant and ensure safe closure of the site.


There are chemical toilets at the research site.

No Wi-Fi access – it is necessary to bring an internet network setup and/or a cellular dongle for research purposes.

The entire site has cellular reception, except for the southeast axis. Reception has been tested and found to be normal, including for the RTK systems used by the Research Center.

Food and drink – must be brought by the research teams (the nearest place to buy food is the Rosh HaAyin Industrial Area).

There are work vehicles and trucks going to various construction sites in the area of the research site, and there are also private vehicles moving in this area.

The site has regular LED street lighting and both lit/unlit nighttime studies are available.

מצפןArea Description:

The site is approx. 1000 m in length (central lane) and has a standard lane width (3.6 m).

In the central axis, there is concrete separation between the lanes. The other lanes have no separation, except at intersections.

Maximum speed – 100 km/h during studies on the central axis. Up to 80 km/h on the southwest axis. Up to 70 km/h briefly on other axes.

50 km/h for administrative travel (including between research scenarios).

Location of control post – most of the site is made up of open areas that enable maximum flexibility. Therefore, the control post will be located as close as possible to the control area for the research site.

מצפןRequired Closures & Safety:

Security and barriers – A warning sign will be placed at all site entrance gates regarding a research study being conducted at the site.

As a rule, all site gates will be closed and locked before the study is performed.

A designated entrance and exit gate must be determined on the day of the study.

Near the research site is a complex where a school is being built. This complex is isolated from the research site and has an access road that is always open – do not enter the site via this road.

Be vigilant and aware of the heavy equipment moving around this complex and the movement of site workers near the research site.


Notification required – at least one week in advance.