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Ofnidan Paths

Ofnidan Paths

Cycling into the Future

The construction of the Ofnidan network is now underway and some path sections have already been opened for use. The day is not far away when we can use bikes and scooters as a real alternative to sitting around in traffic jams in our private cars. Together we can create a greener, more pleasant, and more convenient future for everyone.

Continuous, wide bike path network

A fast, healthy, eco-friendly & cheap alternative

Connecting cities and business districts in the Dan Region

Rest stops and support facilities

Safe separation between cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles

Ofnidan Paths

Ofnidan Map

Coastal Path
  • Coastal Path
  • Sharon Path
  • Yarkon Path
  • Sadeh Path
  • Ariel Path
  • Dunes Path
  • Ayalon Path
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Download map file
Download map file