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Netanya Stadium

General Information:

The site is Netanya’s soccer stadium.

Coordinates – 34.862255, 32.293863



Waze: Netanya Stadium

מצפןSite Description:

A two-lane road with parking lots on both sides and a total width of 20 meters. The road is 400 m in length, which includes a 250 m straight section, followed by a curve to the right.

Starting point – the traffic circle at the entrance to the complex. This circle will be blocked off, including the entire entrance to the complex. Hereinafter: “Start of the research section.”

End point – the end of the curve, after about 650 m. This will be marked by a designated checkpoint, including – if necessary – a steward who will prevent entry into the sterile research area. Hereinafter: “End of the research section.”

The width of the road is 20 meters.

מצפןCoordination & Administration:

Notification required – one week in advance.