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Technological Operations and R&D (Research Unit)

General Information:

An active research site that is used as a military test site on a daily basis. The site has one entrance that permits access by car. The entrance to the complex can be closed using a barrier located in the area. There are no restrooms on the site itself, but restrooms can be accessed in coordination with the unit personnel. The site does not have an electrical outlet (there is a generation) or air conditioning. There is no Wi-Fi (it is necessary to bring a cellular dongle) and cellular reception throughout the site is low. The site is 10 meters above sea level. It operates in accordance with the IDF’s working hours and therefore the day is scheduled without any flexibility in terms of times, and entry permits are required by prior arrangement.



On Highway 431, go west at the Ein HaKore Interchange. Continue west on Road 4311 and turn right at the traffic circle next to Sorek River Estuary National Park.

Enter via the southern gate to Range 24, as found in Waze.

מצפןSite Attributes:

Coordinates – 31.944296, 34.723908

A circular track with a diameter of approx. 150 meters, mainly used for dynamic stability testing.

This is a two-lane road (without guardrails) with a length of 1 km.

A semi-elliptical track with a radius of approx. 100 meters (without guardrails). In this section, you can drive at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The length of the entire track is approx. 1.5 km.

Maximum speed in each section – in accordance with study safety and with the approval of the IDF unit.

A slippery road that includes the ability to make it wet (with additional pricing), that is approx. 200 m long and 15 m wide.

Track with fixed gradients of 12 degrees and/or additional angles (with additional pricing).

מצפןCoordination & Administration:

Notification required – a week in advance. As this is a military site, all research requires prior coordination.

In order to ensure proper entry permits from the IDF, the company must submit a list of participants, including their ID / passport, at least three days prior to the activity.

Every person participating in the study on behalf of the researcher or the franchisee is required to sign a document waiving liability for all means used in the study.

For speeds up to 60 km/h, the research drivers are permitted to drive their own vehicles, insofar as there is no safety limit unique to the particular study.

When driving over 60 km/h and/or where there is any element of risk, the options are:

The research driver continuing to drive, insofar as he/she has undergone test driver training and presents documents to this effect. He/she will then receive local training and approval from the IDF unit.

Driving performed by the franchisee’s professional drivers, who have been approved by the IDF unit (additional pricing).

IDF unit drivers (additional pricing).

The study and safety plan must be submitted at least a week prior to the activity and will be mandatory content for the study. Changes may only be made in real-time as regards safety matters, or with the express approval of the IDF unit.

On-site photography requires the approval of the IDF unit.

Photographs may be taken as long as it is unclassified and does not reveal any of the base’s capabilities. The researcher may be required to present all photographs to a site security officer for approval.

Aerial photography will be approved by the IDF unit or the franchisee, on the condition that the rest of the base / its classified capabilities are not photographed.

If there is any security reason/circumstance beyond the control of the IDF unit or Ayalon Highways, the activity will be postponed until the first available date, in coordination with the researcher and at no additional cost to any party.